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Call us today: 0402 23590

Call us today: 0402 23590


Mary O'Brien.

My name is Mary O Brien Director of Services and founder member of Arklow Cancer Support Ltd. I formed this group back in 2009 after the passing of my youngest daughter Orla from a brain tumour with the help of my other 2 daughters, my husband and friends.

The main reason for starting up this much needed service was the lack of help and support available to Orla and the rest of our family at this very difficult time. Having walked the walk myself I seen at first hand the difficulties facing patients when newly diagnosed, the stressful time for family both emotionally and financially. My vision is to provide a safe and friendly environment to anybody affected by cancer - patients, family members and friends. Here at Arklow Cancer support we strive to put our Clients as our number one priority. We extend a warm welcome to you to drop in and see at first-hand what we offer to the people of Arklow and its environs.


Melinda Lambert.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Melinda Lambert. I am married with a teenage Son. I have over 14years’ experience working in an administrative environment. I would consider myself a people person I enjoy conversing and meeting new people. I also have an artistic flair enjoying arts and crafts as a pastime.

In August 18 I was offered the opportunity to join the Arklow Cancer Support team. I thoroughly enjoy working in Arklow Cancer Support and I find the job very rewarding. I have been made feel very welcome I don’t consider myself as an employee but more as part of the Arklow Cancer Support family. They have allowed me to express my artistic flair around the house, displaying some of my creations. I also run craft classes as part of the services offered by Arklow Cancer Support. I believe this helps people get through a sometimes difficult and emotional time.


Laura Werder.

My name is Laura Werder. I have worked as part of the team here at Arklow Cancer Support for the past 2 years on a Community Employment Scheme. I really enjoy working here at the centre, particularly meeting and engaging with new clients and working with them through their difficult journey.

Arklow Cancer Support has not only given me the opportunity to build on my skills and push myself further, but they we’re also a huge comfort and support to me and my family when my Dad was diagnosed in 2018. It is true what they say, you will never know how hard the journey is until you are in it, and experiencing it first-hand. I strive to give that same support and comfort to all of our clients, old and new.